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Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation for private referrals, we will dedicate 60 minutes to our discussion. Consider this meeting as a friendly conversation where we'll delve into your current situation, desired goals, and the steps you can take to achieve them. Rest assured, there will be no judgments made here!

To begin, I will inquire about your general health, lifestyle, and gather information regarding your medical history, biochemistry, medications, and supplements. This will help me understand your unique nutritional requirements. We will also explore your daily food choices, preferences, intolerances, and any specific health or nutrition concerns you may have. Together, we will identify your goals and discuss actionable strategies to attain them.

Based on our conversation, I will provide you with personalised dietary recommendations, practical tips, useful resources, and even share recipes tailored to your specific needs.

For this initial consultation, you have several options. You can visit my location, I can travel to you (additional charges may apply for travel), or we can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient location. Alternatively, we can connect via Skype or Zoom, and a meeting link will be provided upon booking the service.

Initial Consultation
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